Why not unzip? .zip

Hi, I’m having a problem that it doesn’t unzip the files? .zip

Command line or file manager. What are the exact steps that you follow?

Can you try different sizes? I know that the file manager can have problei with files greater than 500 mb

Well I’m unzipping my 2.2 GB web

Login with ssh and run unzip.

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What are the commands, how can I do?

ssh [email protected]
unzip file.zip

For the same reason, how do I access the domain where the file is?


cd /home
cd username
cd web
cd domain.com
cd public_html
sudo -u username unzip -qqo file.zip

alternatively, you can change the last command with this two:

unzip -qqo file.zip
chown -R username:username *

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Please be aware of Please read this, before you start!, you should realy have the basic linux shell knowledge when you want to use hestia.


I’m new, be patient with me, no one is born knowing!

Indeed, but if you want to learn, hestia is not the right tool for you. We do not have the time or want to teach you the basics, thats just not the idea behind hestia.

There are enough tutorials, how to install a webserver, mailserver and so on - you should start by each part, nginx, apache2, postfix/exim4 to understand how it works and how to configure it. Hestia will not replace that needed knowledge and either we will help you out with it.

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I understand bro, but the idea learns :heart:

once again, not the idea behi d hestia, beside that you didnt follow the input of @jlguerrero - you cant remove the params for sudo (sudo -u …). Going to lock the thread here, its offtopic.