Wildcard certificates in Contabo VPS & Hestia

Has anyone configured wildcard certificates in HestiaCP and with a VPS from Contabo.com?
Contabo has its own DNS servers (ns1.contabo.net and ns2.contabo.net) and I believe that it is not possible to use dns from the domains themselves to be able to configure the wildcard certificates.
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You are not able to request an wildcard certificate unless you host DNS within Hestia. Other wise you need to renew this every 3 month manually


I have the DNS configured in Hestia, I understand the problem comes from Contabo :frowning: that’s why I was asking if anyone has had this problem

Probaly you missunderstand the dns configuration in hestia. You need to setup a dns cluster and point your domain to this nameserver cluster (like ns1.domain.tld, ns2.domain.tld) - the steps for this are on our docs. I don’t think you’ve a setup like this, which is needed for wildcard ssl certs.

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It’s probably like that, and as much as I read I find it hard to understand :frowning:
I’ll keep trying
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