Will using manual APM setup VS hestiacp affect server performance?

In general, when operating by manually setting up Nginx+MariaDB+PHP8.3,
I want to know the difference when setting up a server using HestiaCP.

Yesterday, I was using Vultr VPS 4vCore + 8G + NVMe SSD 160G.
It’s also slow, so I upgraded to 8vCore + 16G +NVMe SSD 350G today and am using it.
It seems to continue to be slow.

apt update
apt upgrade
I did this.

It was fast when I used it before. At that time, if I had set up Nginx+MariaDB+PHP8.3 myself,
This time, I set up the server using hestiaCP.
Maybe that’s why it’s slow?

I have a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 and 3vCore + 4G + 70GB SSD and my sites and server are fast with no issues. I host about 10 small/medium sites with average traffic.

How many sites do you host? Perhaps one or multiple of those sites are getting attacked causing your server to slow down. Check your individual sites and make sure they are not maxing your resources.

Good luck!

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