Wordpress breaks when imported to new server

I tried uploading my website to a new server but the wordpress installation is broken.
I downloaded the user backup from the old server and used v-restore-user on the new server. After pointing the domain to the new server, the website is breaks. Are there any additional steps after restoring the user, or did I do something wrong?

  1. Uploaded the backup to tmp folder.
  2. Moved the backup to the backup folder
  3. v-restore-user user backup.tar

Check logs…

It should work fine…

Check the PHP version. When your old server is using an old version i can break with newer versions.

Set the PHP version to an older version and update WordPress.
And set the PHP version everytime a version higher.

I managed to fix the errors. The problem was with the Max Allowed Packet. It was at 1MB by default and changing that to 32MB fixed the problem.