Wordpress filesystem api with hestiacp

  1. I installed wordpress on cpanel, I installed many plugins and uninstalled plugins, everything goes smooth.

  2. I installed wordpress on hestiacp, when ever I try to install or uninstall plugins, it ask for FTP details.

I digged deep, it talks about wordpress filesystem API.

Now I want to understand if Only I am facing this issue or anyone else also came across this.

Is there any way, hestiacp can also install wordpress plugins and update the core without asking for FTP details everytime anything has to be installed or upgraded.

Never had this problem, check the ownership of wordpress files/folders and make sure the user has write access


just wrong ownership…

can you guide me, how to correct it?

can you guide me, how to correct it?
Probably this will help you to understand better.
I faced the same issue on vestacp too, I have not made any changes either to vestacp or hestiacp then how come it has file permission issue?

I am running debian 10 and using the root user for the setup of hestiacp

Use the user account to install software / upload files instead login as root.

Hestia has a Wordpress one click installer, why not use that?

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