Wordpress login page 404 not found after wordpress installation

After I am performing wordpress installation, than i trying to redirect into wordpress login page given url than it 404 not found.

url : example.com/wp-login.php
Than it appear 404 not found

Would you pleased to give me some advice? Thank you very much . .

Nginx make sure you enable wordpress template

Would you pleased to give me the way how to perform it?

In my control panel :

Web Template APACHE2
and the option just only default

Should work out of the box, how did you installed wordpress?

Hi, I am installing wordpress from Quick Install.

I am facing the same problem yesterday after wordpress installlation via quick install, than in the next day that problem fixed by itself.

2nd issue in a row solved by itself. You are lucky man!

It going same problem that after wordpress installation, the login page just 404 not found, but after next day it appear by itself.

How do I enebled web template with nginx? On my control panel was web template with apache2

Should I copy this file

into this file

Simple answer remove Apache2. How ever currently not supported

Actually, sometime we need apache2 for another application. So we cannot remove apache2.