WordPress Site Down After Update to HestiaCP 1.8.11 on Ubuntu 22.04

I have a VPS on Contabo running Ubuntu 22.04. Things have been working until the 1.8.11 update. Now the server shows Error 502. I am able to reach the HestiaCP control panel. I was going through other threads with similar issues but haven’t found the solution. I tried apt hestia-php but that did not work. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

I fixed the issue. I edited /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf and commented out the following:




Then I restarted the server.

The site is down again. I am confused what’s going on. The HestiaCP is reachable and I can SSH into the server. Has anyone else had luck?

I updated the permissions as set forth here.

I deleted the SSL certificate through the HestiaCP interface, and then reinstalled it. Now the site is up (for now).

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