WordPress Website: File not found [using nginx]

Main Website URL:

Internal Page/Post:

Permalink structure:

Hestia Configuration for the domain:

Was the wordpress theme designed by you or it is a purchased theme? If it was a purchased theme it is likely all the files were not downloaded when you were downloading the demo template. And it is also likely the theme only allows domain access (like xxx.yourdomain.tld) and not folder access like the way yours is (bb-experiments.cf/crypto/4 before you get access to the main page). Certainly, there aren’t any about page etc on the main page.

So login into your wordpress database via hestiacp (I think you can do the same with the myphpadmin) and check to see if records of an “about-us” data is found in your wordpress database else it is likely not all the data was downloaded whilst you were downloading the demo data of the wordpress crypto theme.

However, if it you designing your own theme with several templates it is likely you are yet to design your “about-us” page.

It is also likely the additional ftp server has wrong login details hence files from there could not be retrieved to serve your wordpress theme.

This issue facing in all others sites, no issue from theme 101% sure

ok. Then I will stage a demo wordpress site and see how it may behave so that I can see how I may help.