Wrong url to access to hestiacp before install process

When i use a install utility (Install | Hestia Control Panel) y put on “hostname” field a server url, but now i can’t enter to index of HestiaCP

… i think the best solution is change it for a IP but, ¿how can i do it by console?

… or it’s another problem?

v-change-sys-hostname newhostname

i do it but… same problem, not connect

I think there must be something basic wrong with the installation but I am not realizing what it could be.

*using fresh installation of Debian 12. 1CPU, 4Gb RAM and 20Gb of hard disc

Time exceeded, not connect… all time and with debian 12 or 11.
Subsequently I reinstalled debian 12 again and tried to follow the steps detailed on Getting Started | Hestia Control Panel for a normal installation but again and again the same thing happens.

The thing is that I already have 5 similar vps, I have checked their installation parameters and I could swear that I am following the steps properly. what could be wrong?

need to change the PTR record.

Has nothing to do with PTR record …

Use your own domain as hostname instead .ovh domain and make sure the dns record exists

It absolutely does. My PTR was mail.x.llc and spamhaus threw a fit because .llc is not recognized as a top level domain from some providers. I changed it to mail.x.com and they cleared the flag.

I used the hostname change and rebooted, but providers still recognized the server name as the PTR.

It doesn’t matter for the hostname.

It does matter if you are going to send email…

Hi there, good afternoon…

I’ll try to check the PTR thing, just to try different things.

I was checking that both the primary DNS and secondary DNS were correct and pointing to the IP of the VPS.

I tried it with the domain of the vps mentioned by ovh above and later also with my own SUBdomain (like controlpanel.mydomain.com) created for it and redirected to the IP of the server (always after waiting for DNS propagation).

I even created the Let’s Encrypt credentials (from the domain manager) to make it https, so that it wouldn’t be a problem either, but it always shows up:

The connection has timed out

An error occurred while connecting to controlpanel.mydomain.com:8083.