X-fastcgi-cache: MISS

sir i notice x-fastcgi-cache: MISS
i check web template wordpress with both default & php-7.4 but always mis.
do you like help get rid me this solution.

Important Note: when i remove site from claudfare it works then properly.

Earlier, I thought you are working with Workers on Cloudflare Edge and have tuned to cache. But it does not look like it. Do you use their Workers?

When you remove the site from Cloudflare, then it works. This shows that the proxy system with Cloudflare needs a better configuration of caching parameters and cookie. Because Nginx wants to differentiate based on cookie, you need to pay attention to this part of configuration carefully.

Check here:
How to fix: Nginx proxy or fastcgi cache always MISS

I am not sure if the above helps. As the issue does not have much do do with the panel, you have to google to find a solution yourself.