Zip the public_html folder

Hello, good day, can you please tell me how to compress the public_html directory with zip, to download it to my PC, since I lost the source files.

zip(1) — zip — Debian bookworm — Debian Manpages

FTP Filezila download and compress, as an option)

Here one more option using file manager included in Hestia :wink:

Access file manager from your user:


Navigate to web -> your_domain -> public_html

Now select all files and folders:

After selecting them, click on Zip.

Choose a name for the zip archive and click on Create.


When it finishes, you will see the new zip, click on it and you will be able to download it.

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Please note for larger folders / a lot of files

ssh [email protected]
cd ~/web/
zip -r *

Via Filegator is might be very slow…

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