Activate PHP version without multiphp

I created a test server without multiphp I saw that there are some commands to install other versions of php my question is can I activate more than one version of php through the panel or command even without activating multiphp or does this cause a problem.
If I select below will it install another version even without multiphp? Another thing, if you select and click save, it installs, and to remove it, just deselect it or just via commands and script?

These are just questions, as I’m a new user I’m still not sure of the options


Yes, you can. Multiphp is only used to install all php versions at once.


Also yes :wink: You can select and save to install and deselect and save to uninstall. You can also do it via commands v-add-web-php and v-delete-web-php

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Could you provide me with a complete removal and installation command?

Is correct, example v-add-web-php X.X and v-delete-web-php X.X

v-add-web-php 8.2
v-delete-web-php 8.2


v-add-web-php PHP-VERSION
v-delete-web-php PHP-VERSION

Example installing/uninstalling php version 7.4:

v-add-web-php 7.4
v-delete-web-php 7.4

Keep in mind that none of your sites should be using that php version before removing it.

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Thank @sahsanu for the direct and quick response.

I’m loving this panel!

I saw a post that someone removed the php version, and ended up removing the version that the panel uses, does this still exist or has some blocking been applied to prevent this from happening?


You should do it now.

From web ui you can’t remove it because it is being used but from command line, yes, you can remove it so, be careful.

Anyway, default Hestia php version is 8.2 but if you have installed other version like 8.1 and you remove 8.2, Hestia will use 8.1 as default but better if you don’t remove php 8.2 :wink:

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Thank @sahsanu for the quick response, I will use 8.2 in my application, whenever possible I use the latest version of PHP.

Thanks Maison

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Issue is usually more present when 8.3 or newer versions get removed and users move to 8.3 directly…

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