Admin error vestacp

I have used the command v-change-user-password and now the panel of hestia does not respond and changed the port in configuration to 8080 and it does not respond either but the normal page enters normal, and restarted the services and the server and nothing, please i need help, i checked the hestia log and this tells me v-list-user ‘admin’ [Error 3

Hi @ghterico

You didnt shared your install string, but I think you also have apache2 installed, which uses port 8080 - you need to set another one, that is not in use. There is already a open request for a port validation which will be released in the next version, to prevent using busy ports.


Just as information, I rewrote the validation part of the sysport using lsof to prevent use busy ports:

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I have unsubscribed this installation do not install apache, only nginx + php-fpm, the only thing that I modified in the bash, was the default php version from 7.3 to 7.4, the strangest thing was that before I tried the same code in another clean vps With debian server 10, just use the v-change-user-password command because it does not write down the password that I put, but it is rare it is the same command as in vesta, try to see the logs in case it threw me some error and the only one What I found was the one I mentioned, when I loaded the page the first time I normally load the ip: 8083 / login, I did not shorten the password and enotnces I changed it after that, I did not load more, I do not have much knowledge in servers, I am more than world of development in php, I am trying to configure a server optimized for drupal 8 + 9 and in the future share it, I appreciate the suggestions but I could not do it and I unsubscribed, I am doing tests so no where else in the problem, yes It happens again, I hope your help and thus improve this good project that have started, Thank you.

We found out yesterday an issue in the install strings which also explains your troubles: Apache2 could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name

It will be fixed on release branch, as soon as we’re sure, that all is working properly now.

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