Apache only install


I badly need an Apache-only install for compatibility reasons.
I’ve noticed this thread explaining why it was removed:

Is it possible to install an older version of Hestia to get an Apache-only installation?

It is possible to install hestia 1.3 but bear in mind that there will not be any security fixes and patches.

Maybe you could go for nginx + apache and reconfigure it so it is apache only.

May I ask why you need apache2 only? Usualy you can use nginx+apache2, nginx only works as frontend cache. I strongly suggest to not use an older version of hestia, its just not a good idea due to security and stability!

You can install 1.3.x by building packages Developing/Contributing to Hestia Control Panel — Hestia Control Panel documentation
and then update to 1.4.0 → 1.4.x with the update system…

How ever new features might break in the future on this setup…