No apache-only install in 1.4!?

Hi guys,

In github change log it says…
" **NOTE:** Apache in "standalone" mode is no longer actively supported and has been removed from installer options. Nginx (Proxy) + Apache2 will remain supported."

Why apache-only installation support is removed?

Because it doesnt make any sense to run apache2 only without nginx in front of it. There was no logical reason to still support that combination.

More testing is required for Apache in stand alone mode.

For each release we need to test:

Nginx + Apache + “Proxy + Apache2” are 3 different systems. We currently support the Current 2 different operating systems. And each OS has 2 / 3 different versions. In total there are 15 different systems we need to test every release.

Development for Nginx / “Proxy + Apache” are quite equal as lot of features are cached of by Nginx. For Apache2 we need to rewrite all the code to something different.

Development team doesn’t use it. They don’t have any benefit by the development time they need to invest.

Usage is quite low. 99% use Nginx as web server or as proxy. For 1 % usage we can’t keep up the development online…

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Wich version of linux you use and develop hestia?

Debian 9, 10
Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04

Soon Debian 11 is added when it got released.

but is debian or ubuntu a priority for you?

I don’t set the systems we support it has been in discussed in the team chat in the past… Debian / Ubuntu will stay as there are to many users depend on it…

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