Autoreply is not being sent over SMTP Relay

Hello, i’m trying to setup the autoreply for the holiday season.

If I use the option within HestiaCP it works -but- the message isn’t being sent over the SMTP relay that I have setup for that account… Is this a known problem, anything I can do about it?

If I use the Sieve filter option as described here the reply message doesn’t appear in the exim4 logs. I tried both with and without x-spam-flag.

Basicly known yes, its the same issue for forwarded messages - also doesnt get shipped over smtp relay.

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Just curious: I read that you made a custom installation for it. Would it be a lot of work / big investment to make smtp relay work for auto reply (preferably with setup through Roundcube / Imap) and forwarding? I read it has been discussed before being perhaps a donation-based feature.