B2: command not found

The backups to B2 are not getting uploaded anymore. The backup.log says:

2022-03-23 19:30:04 Upload to B2: user/user.2022-03-23_19-30-04.tar /usr/local/hestia/func/backup.sh: line 458: b2: command not found

Line 458 in backup.sh says:
backup_list=$(b2 ls --long $BUCKET $user | cut -f 1 -d ' ' 2>/dev/null)

The B2 credentials should work as they had worked before. Please advise.

arm64? b2 should be placed in /usr/local/bin

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Hey, thanks ScIT! That’s it, it was missing.
That’s odd. Indeed reinstalled the VPS (X64) few days ago. I recall copying b2 manually before, as I was still learning, but now was expecting somehow Hestia to install everything it needs, including b2. Did I miss something?

It gets added when you use v-add-backup-host, so it should be automatically - expect for arm64.

Ah, okay, most probably I messed up something with the restic restore.

BTW, does a clean install + v-restore-user admin would be sufficient to restore all the Hestia system settings to a working condition, or would be okay to manually restore Hestia folders like these:


Noticed, for example, that after a clean install, if any website used the PHP-7_4 template it won’t restore from the user’s tar, until I did manually v-add-web-php 7.4

v-restore-user admin only restores the admin “user” it self not server settings…

@eris: okay, then what’s the recommended backup/restore procedure to get HestiaCP fully up and running again after a fresh VPS re/install? Unfortunately, I don’t have any image backup tools on the cheap VPS I’m currently on. Thank you.

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