Backblaze Backup Download Error (1.6.11)


I am new to Hestia but so far loving the setup. One thing I have run into is that my backups are unable to be downloaded from Backblaze. I am getting the same error as this post reported last year. It appears there was a fix put in place, so I am not sure how to best proceed.

Does the bucket need to be set to public or private? Currently I have the bucket set as private. I am doing external backups only with no local backups. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What happens when you run:

v-download-backup backuptest backuptest.2022-11-13_15-25-02.tar

Same exact error in terminal as in the screenshot:
Error: backup file backuptest.2022-11-13_15-25-02.tar doesn’t exist in ‘/backup’ folder