BackBlaze Backups: Unable to retrieve backup file from remote server

Hi there,

I have a problem witht the remote backups and I don’t know where to look,

I have set the remote backups with BackBlaze, the backups are stored correctly, but I can’t download them from the panel.

I get this error:


This how it’s set to use BackBlaze:

Photo here: Screenshot by Lightshot

And you can see the backup it’s done

I have tried setting the bucket as public but it’s still not working :frowning:

What can I do? I am lost

Thanks for your help!

Download the file via Blackblaze and then upload it should work fine.

It look like download hasn’t been added yet…

Please create an issue for it…

Hi there,

Great, I just created the issue:

So, I guess it’s a bug, right?


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Thanks :slight_smile:


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