Backups have stopped working since the last update

The backups have stopped working since the last update (at least it coincides with the release date of the last update), for months I have been using the backups with the BackBlaze B2 driver without local copies (only remote), for some reason they are no longer sent. Nothing was touched, it was updated automatically and the only attempt to fix it was to reboot the server from the panel, not touching anything should not have anything to do with permissions unless the update had something to do with it.

The failure is basically that it says there is no space available and therefore fails to create the backup, how is that possible if there is space? I looked in the /backups folder and I can see that something is wrong, tmp.* files are being created non-stop until basically the local storage is completely full and therefore it gets to the point where it cannot create the backup.

Delete the tmp.* folder / files and try again

I forgot to say, yes, I have already deleted the tmp.* folders several times but when I create the backup job again the same process happens creating the tmp.* folders in a loop until there is no more space.

Delete the files and v-backup-user manually

Manually everything goes fine, until what I think is the last step, the Upload to B2, then this pops up in the cli:

2023-09-24 22:30:48 Upload to B2: XXXXX/XXXXX.2023-09-24_22-30-48.tar
Error: b2 failed to upload XXXXX.2023-09-24_22-30-48.tar

Seeing other “similar” threads, I decided to change the bucket keys, when I do it I find this failure from the panel:

However, after editing the b2.backup.conf manually with the new keys still gives failure to upload so it does not seem an important factor…

I’m probably going to configure rclone as it’s starting to be days without backups and I’m starting to need an urgent solution, I’ll confirm if it works correctly with rclone+b2, and it’s a b2 specific driver issue.

I did upgrade the version of the BlackBlaze CLI

It failed to download the binary

Ah so it’s something on my side? can I somehow re-upgrade the BlackBlaze CLI?

Easiest fix is probally to update the version in

to 3.6.0

But still wonder why it fails

I have the same problem only with b2 installed in ARM servers. Using this command fixed it:

pip3 install --upgrade --ignore-installed b2


The command didn’t work for me at the time, but you’re absolutely right, it seems to be an ARM-only issue.

I was trying to configure rclone with b2, but I forgot the pain of configuring and testing it to be able to upload huge files… as in my case, with the backblaze driver you don’t have to configure anything and you avoid all that, which is really nice.

Today I tried again and ran the command again to test, to my surprise it updated to a new version 3.10.1, this time it fixed it, I didn’t look at the release notes, I don’t know if it’s a fix or just that the other time it didn’t reinstall the 3.10.0 correctly with the command and so the binary problem continued… anyway it’s fixed now!

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