Backups Module Missing


For one of our hesticap server, the backups module is missing from the menu… also in server file manager, the backups folder is showing as empty… however the server disk space usage is 99% from df-h command, where the user account is of only 28gb out of 200gb available in server… what could be wrong here ? I was trying to recover some space by removing backups, but cannot find any… Is there anyway to fix this without reinstalling server ?

Could you try something like this in the console:

find / -type f -size +500M

It will search for files larger than 500MB and could give you a clue.



I could find exim4 logs taking up around 6gb which i just cleaned.
But any clue about why backup modules is not showing up in hestiacp dashboard menu ?
I have auto updates for hestiacp enabled…

Seems the package assigned to that user or users has configured the number of allowed backups to 0.


Hi Sir,

The backups count for the package is set to 10 as of now… But still backup module is not shown in menu

Show the output of these commands:

Note: Replace YourUser and YourPackage by the actual data.

v-list-sys-config json | grep BACKUP
grep -E 'BACKUP|PACK' /usr/local/hestia/data/users/YourUser/user.conf
cat /usr/local/hestia/data/users/YourUser/backup.conf
v-list-user-package YourPackage

root@cloud:~# v-list-sys-config json | grep BACKUP
“BACKUP_GZIP”: “19”,
“BACKUP”: “/backup”,
“BACKUP_MODE”: “zstd”,


Should be local or sftp / ftp / rclone

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I cannot find any file under /backup using ls command, is it due to this error ?

As root:

v-change-sys-config-value BACKUP_SYSTEM local

executed and rebooted the server…
now facing another issue - hestiacp login page changed to another theme with blue bg
unable to login, it goes on loop after entering password, asks username again.

also to clear up space, cannot find any file under /backup using ls command

If you don’t have space we can’t help you, you should know what you can remove or what not.

To find files larger than 100 MB execute this as root:

find / -type f -size +100M 2>/dev/null | grep -v kcore

Warning: If you don’t know for sure whether it is safe to remove a file… then don’t remove it.

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Hi As of now there is over 30gb diskspace, But I am not able to login to Hestiacp admin panel, after entering the username and pass, it asks the same again, and this works in a loop… How to fix this ? Also the login page bg is now blue instead of regular black theme. Please advise

Check available disk space …

around 28gb free


Any guidance on how to move forward ?