Can it be migrated from CPanel?

A couple of hours ago I installed Hestia 1.2.0, I already created Users, Web, Mail Accounts and Database, without any problem.

But I have a question, Can you migrate CPanel accounts?
Or how can I do it?

Hello Claudio,

No currently we do not supply a released version.

How ever you could try to use the following script

Download it and put it in /usr/local/hestia/bin/ and give it execution rights and then run it with the back up of the user.

If it doesn’t work the only way to do it manually. Imap can be easy transferd via or copien and pasting the files in the correct folder.

An “empty” backup with 1 or 2 demo domains / mysql database + email account is really appreciated as we are planning creating import scripts for it

Thanks, apparently it works.

I am reviewing, The web is, DNS is, Mail is, 4 accounts, databases do not have the origin.

if I enter Could not connect Could not connect

What should I do?

We use by default:

https://domain:8083 for control panel. How ever Google Chrome does not accept the self geneated SSL Certificate


For Roudcube


Thanks, This turned out better than I expected, everything is working without problems, I can see the web, once the new DNSs have been deployed, modify a file and see the emails, and everything is OK.

I had tried Virtualmin, Contos Web Panel, VestaCP and with everyone I found some obstacle to not follow, or SSL did not work, or I could not migrate accounts, and therefore I kept trying another Panel, and in this one in less than a day I have everything working and even with a migration.

So v-restore-user-cpanel works and works fine for me.

Thank you so much


Are u able to create a backup for with no user data so we can test for our self?

We can check if it is working fine and release it next version after code cleanup

If you tell me how, I will

If you are able to create a new user

Add some random data and make a backup of the account

I already made a backup in CPanel with a new account, how do I fill the file?

Send me a pm with a download link will download it and test it

Como te mando un PM?

Probably you don’t have the minimum posts you can post the link here and I will download it (and remove it)

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@eris, Do you already have the backup file?

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Yes :slight_smile:

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You tell me how it turned out


@ClaudioSpcSpa thanks for your feedback and help here, I am sure there will be quite some benefit from that for other users as well :wink:

In email accounts, I create 2 accounts:
[email protected] and
[email protected]
Query: should that delete them?

I am trying to migrate another site with cpanel and it gives me the following error:
v-restore-user-cpanel /home/gradocero.tar.gz
Checking provided file…
Error 3 not-gzip - no stantard cpanel backup provided of file not installed ( Try yu
m install file, or apt-get install file )

Don’t know about the cpanel restore function but by default only backups in /backup is supported

Is such a migration script also possible coming from i-MSCP?