Can't access hestia interface on oracle free tier

I installed hestia panel on the Oracle Free tier(4 CPUs and 24 GB memory and a boot volume of 47 GB). I have added DNS record to have my hpanel subdomain to point to the specific IP address. I have all the DNS to be pointing to the correct IP address. But when I’m trying to access the Hestia panel by inputting publicipaddress:8083 or hcp.mywebsiteaddress:8083, it’s giving me a message “This site can’t be reached”, whereas when I’m trying with [https://hcp.mywebsite, it’s showing me a msg. “We’re working on it! This site is currently under construction…”

It would really be kind of you if you could help me out with this.

Warm Regards

Open port in firewall from Oracle Cloud. Not an Hesita issue

You mean add Ingress rules?

I had already done the neeful, as you can see in the scre


And ingress rules say 2083

I splitted up the threads because this isnt a beta issue which needs to be discussed there.

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