Can't import cpanel backup into vestacp

I downloaded this script

But it fails to import the backup

# bash cpanel-backup.tar.gz line 45: /usr/local/vesta/func/ No such file or directory
Checking provided file...
OK - Gziped File
Creating tmp..
Extracting backup...
Backup extracted without errors...
Access tmp directory /root/sk_tmp/cpmove-p16n3iv1
Get prefix...
I like your prefix, start working
Get user: p16n3iv1 line 115: /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-list-users: No such file or directory
Generate random password for p16n3iv1 and create Vestacp Account ... line 126: generate_password: command not found line 127: /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-add-user: No such file or directory
Stop Working... Cant create user...if is fresh install of vestacp try reboot or reopen session check bug

… you cant run a script thats written for vestacp without any adaption - there is an adapted version of that script for hestia, but its still beta, we cant provide support for it: hestiacp/v-restore-user-cpanel at c87c0d4af81f9c53f30fb75a746053f9bc1c47c8 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

Not problem
I used this and everything is fine

I have another question
Can I import a sql file without a database
I’m trying to import a database but I’m facing this problem
MySQL ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user
If I create a database and use its data in the code I don’t have this problem
mysql --user=xxx --password="xxx" --database=xxx < vb.sql
But I don’t want that

Don’t use --user=xxx --password=“xxx” and run it as root and it works fine


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