Can't Receive Gmail Emails but Others

Hello, I can send and receive all emails except that I can’t receive emails from gmails. I’m getting the following error about email delivery failure from sent email to server.

The response was:
TLS Negotiation failed: FAILED_PRECONDITION: starttls error (71): 94771312888008:error:10000417:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:SSLV3_ALERT_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER:third_party/openssl/boringssl/src/ssl/ alert number 47

Please let me know the fix, I’m dying because of it :\

Valid SSL for mail domain and mail server?

Hi eris, I’m using cloudflare and let’s encrypt ssl for mail and domain. But I tried multiple ways remove ssl and disabling ssl on cloudflare too but did not solve the issue. Other old users have no issues, they can receive emails from gmail with no errors. Please help me as it’s very important.

It appears that you have a bit of confusion.
Cloudflare SSL has nothing to do with TLS on MTA.

Is the DNS of the domain in question properly setup to satisfies policy by Google?

Did you setup TLS to invoke starttls at all?
If yes, you need to first checkup on an external service like

b. SSL-Tools

Read all this here
to checkup the TLS transaction.

Perhaps you can then solve your problem.

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To use Cloudflare on a mail domain, you need to open that domain from proxy service and make the IP public. Then, you could only use the DNS service from Cloudflare for that IP <—> domain.

Thereafter, all the email trafic will not be blocked or not be forwarded and processing by Cloudflare on that mail domain shall stop. Most of the configuration shall not be applicable.

Here, Cloudflare shall only protect your domain through DNS IP Firewall. No more and no less. It shall (dare not) interfere in any part of mail traffic on ports 25, 465, 587, 993, 995, etc. Once you proxy the traffic, these ports are blocked thereafter and it changes to web services.

Get it now?