Change domain name? / update SSL?


how do I change the domain of a website?


This is what I have found now:




v-change-web-domain-name alice yes


Ok, but then my question is: how do I navigate in the CLI to the folder, in which I have to execute the command?

Where shall I navigate?

(I have a few sites running)

/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-domain-name user restart

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Sry, but I receive:

v-change-domain-name: command not found

Use full path


Ok, tried.

logged in as root@(hestiacp)

It is: v-change-web-domain-name

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Ok, this time I only have the output:

Error: invalid restart format :: restart

restart should be yes / no

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Ok. seems everything worked, now just need to restart.

What shall I type in?

Thanks by the way.

Hi, shall I restart apache & nginx (both)?!

Both also php-fpm

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Can I restart all at once,

Is there a command for this?

And btw:

Will the SSL certificate be renewed automatically?

I still have the old one displaying, and there is no option to force to renew it in the hestia CP.

I think you need to delete the current one and generate a new one…


for sure via CLI , right … ; )

No can be also done via the panel …

don’t see any option for this, I must say.

Cannot restart nginx now, as I have the following error:

cannot load certificate
“/home/username/conf/web/newdomaniname/ssl/” BIO_new_file () failed


How can I update SSL cert in hestia CP?
I see no options.

(or, via CLI)

Thank you

Just disable and reenable SSL to generate new one…

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