Clear unstall Ubuntu 22.04

If using install param:
–-port 19859

default port for Hestia not changed.

check if v-change-sys-port 19859 changes the port properly or if you have aby output

[email protected]:~# v-change-sys-port 19859
sed: can’t read /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf: No such file or directory

installed on command:

–apache no
–phpfpm yes
–multiphp no
–named no
–vsftpd no
–proftpd no
–iptables yes
–fail2ban no
–quota no
–exim no
–dovecot no
–spamassassin no
–clamav no
–mysql yes
–postgresql no
–lang ru
–-port 19859
–-interactive no


port changed on new.

it’s a bug, @eris has it already fixed with Fix bug in v-change-sys-port by jaapmarcus · Pull Request #2982 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

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