Sed: can't read /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf: No such file or directory

Clear unstall Ubuntu 22.04 Hello, there was already a topic, the writing was corrected, now I am installing on a new updated Ubuntu 22.04, and I get this error sed: can’t read /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf: No such file or directory. Should I reinstall Hestia, or is there a way to fix this? The script is like this

hostnamectl set-hostname && sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config && sudo service ssh restart && wget && sudo bash --apache no --phpfpm yes --multiphp no --vsftpd no --proftpd no --named no --mysql yes --mysql-classic no --postgresql no --exim yes --dovecot no --sieve no --clamav no --spamassassin no --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota no --api no --interactive yes --with-debs no  --port '2083' --hostname '' --email '[email protected]' --password '2s8' --lang 'ru' --force

Seems /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf is not created yet when Hestia’s installer runs v-update-firewall command.

If the file is already created all should be good:

ls -l /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf

If the file is created, run command v-update-firewall manually just to be sure all is working as expected.

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Apparently the file is there and it is complete. Thanks, I didn’t know where to look)

ls -l /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf
-rw-rw---- 1 root root 231 Nov 16 22:04 /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/chains.conf
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I’ll add a check to v-update-firewall so it won’t try to modify chains.conf if it isn’t created.

Well, there is already a Pull Request created that solves this issue but seems it will be included in Hestia 1.9.x

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Thank you, I ran v-update-firewall, apparently it was just updated, since there was no output, but the rules were set in the file, which means everything seems to be fine. True, I added rules in the panel, but they were not reflected in the file, they work, probably this is how it should be)

Yes, it is working fine, no worries.

The rules you add are in this file:


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