Compilation/Installation problems on Arm64/Oracle

I’m running into compilation problems that are similar to the ones outlined here…

This is on Ubuntu 20.04 on ARM64, Oracle’s free cloud…

I’ve run variations of the following…

git clone
cd hestiacp/src/
./ --all --noinstall --keepbuild main
cd /install
bash --apache yes --phpfpm yes --multiphp no --vsftpd yes --proftpd no --named yes --mysql yes --postgresql no --exim yes --dovecot yes --clamav no --spamassassin no --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota no --api yes --with-debs /tmp/hestiacp-src/deb/


git checkout 1.4.12 # the latest release
cd ./src/
./ --all --noinstall --keepbuild '~localsrc'
cd ../install
bash --apache yes --phpfpm yes --multiphp yes --vsftpd no --proftpd no --named yes --mysql yes --postgresql no --exim yes --dovecot yes --clamav no --spamassassin no --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota no --api yes --port 8033 --with-debs /tmp/hestiacp-src/deb/

Does anyone have any thoughts? Are the instructions outlined below stil neeed?

Or is there something else not working?



Usually it is memory issues. Make sure you have the 4 Core + 24GB option and then try.

Ok, cool, I’ll try and will let you know… I assumed 6GB would do the job!

On x64 it should be more then enough but last time I used it to try I wasn’t able to do it with 2 cores + 12 gb or ram.

Last try I did it with 4 cores + 24gb ram and it worked fine.

It would be nice if we can build the packages in a way we don’t depend on an ARM server…

Ok, yeah, 4vCPU and 24GB of RAM and a clean build… thank you…