Composer to install Apiato

Hello All,

I am trying to run composer to install apiato to create some APIs . I have seen a topic to disable
pcntl_signal function due to security reasons. - Some interesting features for the next versions

But disabling this function will not allow to run composer to install Apiato. What is your advise on this?


v-add-user-composer username

Hello @eris
I have re-activated pcntl_signal and used composer to install the application.

Is there any issue in doing that? Should I deactivate pcntl_signal again and run the command you suggested?

Or do you think I may have messed up with something in the system?

Many thanks

On the default install…

As root:

v-add-user-composer {user}
Login as {user} via ssh

cd ~/web/{domain}/public_html
php ~/.composer/composer {command here}

And you it will download it.

i got this error while running above code.

Could not open input file: home/{user}/.composer/composer

" php home/{user}/.composer/composer create-project flarum/flarum . --stability=beta"

please help

You neee to run v-add-user-composer aswell. Also please do not revive old threads, create a new one with your issue.

Sorry for re-opening old thread…

I’ve already completed that step and I can see composer file is present in .composer directory.

if you can break this as a new thread, then please

Add an slash in front of it


it worked thanks @eris and @ScIT

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