Congratulations to HestiaCP for introducing experimental support for the RHEL system.

I noticed that there’s a new RHEL branch in HestiaCP’s Git. I’m curious about when the official support for RHEL by HestiaCP will be released. Will it come with the 1.8 version or will it gradually be supported in the upcoming 1.7.9, 1.7.10 versions? HestiaCP is an excellent control panel, I wish it continues to prosper.

It is far from ready… And working

It was added to to the repo as the person working on it wasn’t motivated and had not time any more.

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Is it something from the hcp-rhel branch? RHEL is mainly used by those who need a stable OS that does not change its behavior from release to release. This is why the STANDARD rpm packages from appstream should have been used instead of building custom ones. There is also remi-repo, a time-tested and user-proven repository with various versions of php, owned by the package maintainer for RHEL and Fedora. It is not quite clear why the branch developer for rhel went by building their own packages - first, it may deprive the distribution of the stability, which users expect, and secondly, it requires additional costs for the maintenance of software packages that are already in the repositories of the OS.

Hestia requires it own custom packages.

And there are a lot of changes from Debian VS RHEL so not everything is working.

Yeah, I saw that. At first glance I thought it was terrible, but digging deeper I realized it wasn’t all bad. however, many things still didn’t seem to be as I expected and I fixed the installer a bit. Haven’t had a chance to test it yet, unfortunatelly. My version of support of RHEL-based distros · raven-kg/hestiacp@6b8672d · GitHub

The person working on it did make a lot of changes

If wanted I can create a beta repo containing the hestia-php and hestia-nginx packages when done feel free to create a pr

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Yeah, that would be great