Control Panel's SSL Not Valid

Howdy y’all,

Couple questions about the control panel.

First, should I be able to see the control panel url/web domain in the admin panel? I want to say yes, I have see it before I rarely look for it or check for it. Currently, I don’t see it at all under the Admin account under web domains; and I don’t know what user it should if at all belong under?

Second, (yes, I have read other posts regarding this; maybe my issue related to the above question?). I am using Cloudflare and I have other sites working just fine. Just the control panel. I tried v-add-letsencrypt-host and v-update-host-certificate as per the CLI reference documentation without any success.
At one point, I got an message saying the hcp.example. com belongs to another user…What user if not under the Admin account? One post I saw talked about deleting it and create/add a new domain for the host…I cannot delete this, hcp.example. com. So, how if that is the correct solution? url reference Perhaps, I did misunderstood and i should delete my domain example and not hcp.example. com? But, my has a valid SSL, just this subdomain.

My main question is the first one, normally I do well without asking for help and SSL did work before but after time/months and fiddling around, I just can’t get it to work; perhaps its due to auto-updates of the panel that I didn’t pay attention too?

Thank you for y’alls help in advance.