Missing SSL certificate on my HestiaCP panel (port 8083)

Hi Guys,

Again apologies if this is a duplicate but I couldn’t find anything really resolving my issue in this community.


  • The URL of my freshly installed HestiaCP web admin UI is currently showing a Not secure connection hence an invalid SSL certificate:

  • All the web domains I have created under the only non-admin account I have in my HestiaCP have a valid SSL certificate and do not report any issue

N.B.: For the sake of argument, since part of the URL above is blurred, I will refer to my URL in this post as www.example.com


  • HestiaCP version: 1.6.2
  • Host OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
  • Host hostname: www.example.com (before deploying HestiaCP through your script it was www only)
  • After downloaded the hst-install.sh installer script I have deployed HestiaCP with the following command:

bash hst-install.sh --interactive no --email myownemailaddress --password somepassword --hostname www.example.com -f

  • Status of all HestiaCP services: Up and running (green icon)



  • Enabled SSL certificate via Let’s encrypt on the example.com web domain which was created by default after the installation of HestiaCP:

  • The above was only good enough to have only example.com (and its redirected URL www.example.com) showing a valid SSL certificate (see below) but not when I add the port 8083:

  • Executing the built-in script /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-letsencrypt-host returns an error:


  • The curious thing is that if I do the very same deployment and I assign the URL of the HestiaCP a subdomain (for instance hcp.example.com it works but it doesn’t if I choose example.com).

Can please someone assist on this?

Thanks in advance.


www.domain.com is treated different as any other sub domain…

  1. Delete example.com from the admin user
  2. v-change-sys-hostname hestia.example.com
  3. v-add-letsencrypt-host

And create a new user
Add example.com as web domain


Hi @eris,

This is to let you know that your advise resolved the issue.

I am a bit disappointed as I would have liked to use www.example.com instead of hcp.example.com as as web admin UI for my Hestia Control Panel but I can live with that.


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