DNS Cluster slave deletes dns after few minutes

The domains on this server is using a slave-slave setup.

This is the only server with dns issue, the other 2 servers which run master-slave/master-slave dont have this issue. There are 3 servers in total

I notice that after v-sync a few minutes later it will autodelete the dns zones on both slave servers.
Ive tried to delete remote dns and add back a few times, and after a few minute it autodeletes the dnszones.

I checked the log and found this

2023-05-18 23:23:05 v-list-dns-records ‘admin’ ‘domain.com’ ‘json’ [Error 3]

Im still trying to figure out why it auto deletes but cant seem to fix it.

digging into both slave server error log i found the same error

v-delete-dns-domain ‘dns-cluster’ ‘domain.comi’ ‘yes’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ [Error 3]

I have removed 1 of the slaves and it has stopped auto deleting however this is not a proper solution…

Will investigate in a few minutes

So after a few hours i checked one of the dns clusters and found this.
This server is primary and slave and the most odd thing is that it created a dns zone for a domain that is hosted on the same server as belonging to another server. So say example domain test.com is hosted on ns1, and slave is ns2. On ns1 in dns-cluster user there is a dns zone test.com with label as ns2.

So basically there is a duplicate its hosting the dns entries on the primary server and inside the dns cluster user so 1 server with 2 duplicate dns zones.

Another thing i found that the dns cluster user is not presenting the numbers of zones and records correctly

How do you sync?


Also to what users do you sync to?

The old way from vesta days. Added picture to explain my dns cluster setup. Host 3 domains are remote-dns to host 1. Does not seem possible to add to host 2 because once i do that it starts deleting all the records on both slave ns1/ns2

Do you for host 3 both dns-user?

Try creating a new user and assign the DNS user role…

I dont understand your reply. Are you suggesting i re-create all dns-cluster users from host 1 and host 2? Or are you suggesting i create a dns-user on host 3 server?

I have switch over to the new API way
v-add-remote-dns-host slave.yourhost.com 8083 'accesskey:secretkey' '' 'api' 'dns-user'
I deleted the previous dns cluster user and recreated as dns-user with dns role. In 10 minutes after adding remote dns for host 3, host 1 and 2 (slave) starts deleting zone records of host 3.

Now host 3 dns zones are not hosted anywhere because the slaves keeps auto deleting…

I think the bug happens when you add 2 remote slaves for 1 server.
I have removed both slaves and now i just add 1 slave and it does not seem to be auto deleting anymore.

There is a bug in the DNS documentation:

Username should be:

or assign the “Role”

That will prevent it from accidentally syncing…

@eris I did both, i added username as dns-user and set role as dns sync user. Do i need to change the username or probably not since i assigned role dns sync user.

But the problem still remains, for host 3 i can only add its dns zone to 1 slave so that means there is no redundancy and only 1 name server which generally isn’t good… do you have any idea how to resolve this?

v-sync-dns-cluster deletes every dns domain on the user account

So make sure to create an unique user for each “server”

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So you mean for each server the dns cluster username has to be different?

For example server 1
dns-user111 as username
Server 2
dns-user222 as username

Is this what you mean?

This seems to have resolved the problem, different username for each dns cluster. I never thought about it because the documentation from vesta and hestia always meantion dns-cluster as the user and never crossed my mind that it could be something else other than that.

Thanks for your help @eris

Will update the documentation today :slight_smile:


Yes a unique username is fine… Also update the role off course…

My question is a bit off.

  • Why should we use DNS Cluster?
  • In what situation should we use it?
  • And how useful is it?
  • If you want to manage your own DNS and not depend on Cloudflare it is always smart to use 2 servers for security (Some tld require it)
  • If you manage your DNS
  • If you manage your own DNS it is always smart to have 2 servers available for security
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