Dns related help for newbie

dear team and mates,
i am new at setup hosting control panel,
i need a simple setup with personal dns.

i have some question why do i need a host name like cp.mydomain.com / panel.mydomain.com

previusly i have installed hestia and chose hostname, i cant access anything with this host name.

is that something like if i hit the hostname it will open hestiacp login page ? did i miss something in dns ?

i have another question,
i have setup dns in my domain panel like this bellow,
in personal name server register i have added ns1.mydomain.com and ns2 with my server ip,
and then in name servers i have add custom dns like ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com

if i add domain in hestiacp and setup my other domain dns to ns1 and ns2 will it work ?

I have the same issue.

It seems that hestiacp does not do it out of the box anymore, the solution that was posted to me was that you have to set the dns records for it in hestiacp but the default system admin account but I have not been able to do this without disabling the security policy that stops other users adding dns records, sub-domains etc for that domain.

Setting the dns nameservers in your registrar that points to your hestia install prevents you from adding dns records in the registrar as they are not handling the DNS anymore but Hestiacp is.

We never set it up out of the box. Jou need to set it up on domain level first…

mine is not a problem, i just want to know about dns related information,
how hosting provider setup their personal name server and etc etc

When the install process, enter all info such as url etc.

It installs then go to the ip:8083 setup hestiacp to host name server and registrar to point ns1. And ns2 to the hestiacp.

Use the url, that is all that was needed once upon a time.

Now you have to disable the option in security policies add a user and domain that you set foe the fully qualified domain name that you put in the install process, check the dns box when setting up the domain and save, now it lets you use the url.

Trying to word it better (tired now)
Following the documentation site for hosting your own dns name servers after setting up hestia to host your own dns name server (hestia docs) and setting the registrar to point name servers to your setvers ip address (opening ports etc hestia uses), this is pretty much out of the box process that used to work since i started using hestia (years ago) but something changed over this year when it does not work on fresh installs (i reinstall yearly, just my preference).

Now you can only use the hosting panel via ip address.

I have reinstalled several times on ubuntu and it will not use the fully qualified domain name you set in the install, i dont get what changed or why.

Hope this can clear some things up as things get lost in translation in written text and i am not the only one having issues with it so its not my setup.

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Ns1 and ns2 are usually point to a dns cluster master - slave or master -master, its redundancy is ns1 goes down theres always another to reference in this case ns2, both master and slave are usually on there own public ip addresses.

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