DNSSEC - Show Key tag field

Is it possibile to show the DNSSEC key tag field just before or after the flag field? I know it’s visible in the DS record but it makes for easy copy/pasting.


What is exactly missing?

In the DS record of your test.nl the key tag is 23748 but would be ideal if this is shown in a field like

Key tag 23748
Flag 257

When I tried to configure the DNSSEC in the OVH control panel, it was not clear to me how to find the key tag, other then the line in the system.log that clearly states KEY=“12345” when syncing the cluster.

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Should be no issue



Fantastic !

Will be added in 1.8

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Much appreciated, thanks!

I will test DNSSEC again on a test server as I had the problem that, after correct setup and synching to 3 slave servers, all zones were deleted on the slave servers (only), just after appearing for 2-3 seconds. Will first try and report back.

Create for each server a unique user with the role DNS Sync User

See: DNS Cluster slave deletes dns after few minutes

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Merged …

Oh, where is? but no exist no found :confused: