Domain alias not working. It just redirects to the main domain


I have a domain I created an alias and added it under alais section. I created an A record for this alias and pointed it to my server.
However, when I attempt to access, it simply opens and redirects to
Can someone please help me.


it sounds to me like you might want TWO subdomains setup. One User, Two webs, each with a different domain. That’s just my understanding of what you want.

But instead, you have one user, one web, with an extra alias. And I think that is working SORTOF like a redirect would. But it’s not a real redirect, it’s just that you’ve got it configured in an unusual way.

I think that what you have done is working as intended.
You just should change your domain to have one web pointing to one subdomain ( and another web pointing to a different web (

then you can have different websites on different subdomains.

Hi @aaronkempf

The web alias should open as an independent website with its own domain as provided, though internally its loading And I basically have 100 domains added. And I want to add alias to them as per the demand. Eg, I already added a domain Now, a user Aaron comes to me for a website. I simply pick one of my existing added domain and just add an alias for Aaron so that the website opens with his provided subdomain. Ofcourse, the A record will be added by Aaron before asking me to map his subdomain (which will be alias in this case).

the way that I do this:

setup 100 users
u101, u102, u103, u104

in each of those users, setup 1 web

then when Tom, Dick or Harry want to point w101 to their domain, then they put in a FQDN as an alias

there are a couple of tiny problems doing this, like I wish I could select what aliases NEED / WANT ssl.

but I’ve followed this template for 45 different servers dating back about 8 years (to VestaCP).

Most of the time, I just do it in the front end. About 15% of the time I do it via the CLI.

That sounds very good solutions. Also, is there any limit on how many users I create? If I have 5000 customers, then I may have to create 5000 users.

I’ve never put more than about 130 users / sites on a server. You’ll have to ask someone else.

Most of those websites were simple wordpress websites. I’m recently consolidating most of my services onto one larger VPS, and it runs terrific.

Make a bash script to create the users reading from a text file the user and password and subdomain.

4gb 4cpu vps can’t handle more than 80 low traffic WP domains

A hetzner 8 core 32 gb phisical machine handles 80 with a CPU load under 1

Of course it depends on traffic, concurrence, etc… This is just based in my particular type of client.

Nginx + apache with WP cache plugins.

No cdn

Yes Hestia does not imply any limits…

The server hardware is…

But 5000 users with 1 domain each is a lot…