Domain name Change?


That what i mean it`s a something like a:

  1. So i start a new project like Wordpress Online Shop under domain name
  2. My client approve the Shop and we a ready to go this shop online with the client domain name.

So what it`s the best way to change it ?
Do i need to add a new domain and to move everything under new one ?

10x in advance

usually your client will know his future domain name beforehand. so you could do it the other way around.

you create the future web-domain of the client directly in the panel when starting and put the working name / sub domain just as alias into the config. if you want to setup an ssl cert for that subdomain while developing, you can always run letsencrypt for just that domain manually and put it in or get a free three month gogetssl or whatever…

when you go live you just need to point the dns record of the clients domain properly to your server get a new correct ssl cert and adjust the base url in wordpress, done.

@falzo Thanks for you reply.

Since in some cases WordPress can have issues with different/changing domain names, we do it another way, provided that the client already owns/knows the domain name that will be used:

  1. Setup the correct (future) domain name in Hestia
  2. On the developer side we either add lines to the OS’s hosts file that point to the Hestia server IP address or use Fiddler for that.
  3. On the client side, we setup and configure Fiddler and a browser that supports proxy server. In this browser we configure Fiddler as the proxy and in Fiddler we use the hosts remapping feature. The client is using this browser to watch the site as it being built.

This way WordPress “knows” only one domain name, so there is no name to be changed when the site will go LIVE, apart from DNS server records. The downside is that we can’t have any Let’s Encrypt certificate this way.

We also use this method when the client wants us to renew the web site, but the old site needs to be up and running while we work on the renewed version.


Good way too!

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