Editing WordPress is slow, what parameter should I set to my server?

Attached is my server info.
Editing WordPress is really slow, when I click edit post in my WordPress dashboard, it takes around 10 seconds to fully load.
I have already set PHP memory limits and WP memory limit.
Is there any other parameter I need to set to my server in order to make editing WordPress faster?

opcache? Redis?
nginx config tuning :blush::+1:

I use Ngnix.
I didn’t use Redis or Opcache.

improve Nginx configuration. Opcache is part of PHP. You benefit from it. So read these things and improve your results.

How can I improve Nginx configuration?

I don’t know your site, your needs. There is a lot of advice on this subject on the Internet. There is no one good answer.

Does Hestia have settings for configure Ngnix?

Yes, of courseđź‘Ť

if you look under
cd /usr/local/hestia/data/templtes/web/nginx/php-fpm

there is a list of templates that are not enabled as default.

for more information consult the documentation:

Do you have tutorial on Nginx configuration for speed up WordPress sites?

Sorry I am not that advanced, I just host mine and my friends websites… :frowning:

I couldn’t get the title very well, editing wordpress. I just started using hestia after vesta on Ubuntu 22, 20G bandwith, 2 core cpu, 2GB RAM VPS, it is the best performance on wordpress so far for me in 10 years of WP site editing, I do work with Elementor, like I’m working on a desktop application, instead of online.

Better be checking on hardware and connection conditions, maybe.

How did you configure Nginx?

Install Query Monitor – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

And see what is loading so slow…

I have problem of slow speed when editing, not slow speed in the front end.
I suppose this plugin is for checking front end.

It also does the backend…

Thanks! I will take a look

Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way of accelerating the wp-admin dashboard page on Wordpress. If it’s too slow, you will need to check your server specifications, and monitor the CPU while editing. If your Hestia backups are running, this is notorious for slowing down the backend.

There are many ways of accelerating the Wordpress front end, WP Supercache or W3 Total Cache if you have Redis, Memcached or other apps available, but the backend cannot be reliably cached.

The only reliable solution to making the Wordpress dashboard quicker is to buy a bigger server.

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Redis Cache will help a lot…

How can I monitor the CPU?