¿Error? during upgrading hestia nginx (Enhanced and Optimized TLS)

Hi all,

All my servers (6) have been upgraded tonight, and I’ve received mail from two of them requiring a Manual Action related to the Enhanced and Optimized TLS feature:

Manual Action Required [IMPORTANT]

To enable the "Enhanced and Optimized TLS" feature, we must update the NGINX configuration file (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf).

But for unknown reason or you edited it, may not be fully apply all the changes in this upgrade.

Please follow the default configuration file to sync it:

Backed up configuration file:

But I dont understand exactly what I need to do, I need to copy /usr/local/hestia/install/deb/nginx/nginx.conf to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and thats all? Only copy some lines of the config file?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

If you have made manual changes follow the example listed here and make them,…

But the base config file is /usr/local/hestia/install/deb/nginx/nginx.conf ? So that I need is use that file (copying to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf) and apply manual changes to that file?

Hi saxico, can you detail the changes you made?

I usually increase timeout limits and change proxy_buffers_size in nginx.conf.

So you took “/usr/local/hestia/install/deb/nginx/nginx.conf”, added your customization to it, and copied it to: “/etc/nginx/nginx.conf”?

I have the same problem on Ubuntu 20.04. "Manual Action Required [IMPORTANT]" message after update to 1.8.1

Before the update I had my own values in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf set via the HestiaCP UI.

I really don’t want to bother with copying files. :smiley: The question for @eris is: Is this “Enhanced and Optimized TLS” something that is urgently needed? (I assume that the bug will be removed during the next update right?). What happens if I don’t perform this manual action?

Have the same issue as the original poster and the notification is a little ambiguous. Is the first file listed the ‘live’ one, and is that the new recommended one; or is that my original and should I be replacing it with the backed up version which is the new one? It seems to be an important update, but it’s unclear as to what I need to do…