Error: Let's Encrypt nonce request status

Hi, i am having this error when trying to activate SSL on web or mail domains.
Anybody is having this problem?
What can i try to solve it?


Hi @ramirojoaquin

Thanks for your request, which is similar to this one here: Error: Let's Encrypt acc registration failed

Hestia 1.0.6 has been released to our repository a few seconds ago, it will fix the issues with Let’s Encrypt.

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Thank you for that,
i thought i ran into a limit of letsencrypt … but manual counting on of my already issued certs did not lead me to the goal.
a few seconds you said, i assume when the servers are updated then we (users) can use autoupdate or update button inside hestia? or is it required to fire some command on the commandline?

apt update && apt upgrade or autoupdate in backend, yes.