Fail2ban whitelist

My smtp server bans my webservers because of fail2ban.

Webserver hosting WordPress -> Conects via SMTP -> Mail server (Hestia) -> Send emails

When a website has a misconfigured plugin, during test or at any point, the whole server gets banned. And no other Website can send emails.

I would like to whitelist my webservers in my Mail server to prevent this from happening.

This is what I tried


ignoreip =

I could also run a cron with action unban every minute, but it is not an elegant solution.

Will an IPset of accepted IPs be banned by fail2ban?

Doesn’t work. I can’t set an Ipset of less than 10 IPs

When I configure the individual IPs on Iptables fail2ban rules are higher in the iptables list.

[email protected]:/usr/local/hestia/install/deb/firewall/ipset# iptables -L
Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
target prot opt source destination
fail2ban-HESTIA tcp – anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:8083
fail2ban-FTP tcp – anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ftp
fail2ban-SSH tcp – anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:2220
f2b-sshd tcp – anywhere anywhere multiport dports ssh
fail2ban-MAIL tcp – anywhere anywhere multiport dports smtp,submissions,submission,pop3,pop3s,imap2,imaps
fail2ban-RECIDIVE tcp – anywhere anywhere multiport dports tcpmux:65535
ACCEPT all – anywhere anywhere state RELATED,ESTABLISHED

Okay after testing whitelisting with ipset iptables and fail2ban again.

I changed [default] to [DEFAULT] and it is not banning my bad attempts.

I have been playing around with this, and I have something to add:

You can create a file such as: /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/whitelist.local
With this content:


That way you can pull googlebots IP list and whitelist them in the ignoreip

Edit: note that there is a SPACE character at the beginning of each line after the “ignoreip=” part.

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@jlguerrero I like this idea
Also Is there a way to just whitelist an IP or FQDN in the HestiaCP UI or is that not a feature yet?

Yes, just add the this block in your fail2ban config:

# My home IP address / 12.34.567.89
# My work IP address / 98.76.543.21

ignoreip = 12.34.567.89 98.76.543.21

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