IP keeps getting Banned even though its whitelisted

Hello I White listed an IP in the UI by adding a rule and choosing
Protocol: TCP
Port: 1-1024
IP Address:
Service (Optional): I put the clients name here

even though I have this sometimes it shows up in the banned IP list and no one can login to their mail at that location.

Am I doing this right? thanks

PS: The IP is fake

You are doing it wrong.

You have to whitelist the ip in fail2ban otherwise fail2ban will insert a rule with higher priority than your whitelist in iptables.


Hi @jlguerrero That worked wonders! thanks so much, I can’t believe I was doing it wrong for so long and all I had to do was edit /etc/fail2ban/jail.local add [DEFAULT] at the top then on the second line add ignoreip = Save it. Restart fail2ban and it just worked!!! =]

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