Feature Request - Status Notes about WHY an account or domain is suspended

Hey, I’ve got a BUNCH of new Users and Domains that I’m working on. and I just wanted to give a shout out, that I would like a ‘Notes’ field that woudl allow me to write down a REASON (that only the admin user could see) about why a particular domain or user is suspended.

I was setting up about 100 Domains, and SOME of the Domains that I attempted to transfer actually FAILED the transfer process. So, unfortunately, I’ve still got them setup as users and domains, but the Domains don’t WORK with regard to DNS. So I’m worried about people trying to use them. So I want to go through and suspend about 10 users and Domains. But it just makes sense to me that we could write a NOTES field about the reason for suspension.

That notes field is for the user or for the admin?

I mean, who is intended to read the note?

MySelf most likely.

I just don’t suspend people very often. But I’m going through and setting up a bunch of accounts, and they’re all numbered. If the account DOMAIN hasn’t been successfully transferred to me (YET) I want to leave the account suspended so that I don’t hammer away on the SSL generation side. I’ve done it like 5 times so far. And I’m scared of pissing off LetsEncrypt

I have asked for this feature several times in the past. The development team has said no… but there’s no harm if you ask again. Maybe they like you more than me.

This has nothing to do with like, its still in our eyes a not needed implementation, which has been declined by the team - this also hasnt been changed.

Hestia is still opensource, if you like to see a feature which you want to have, either fork the project and implement it on your own version or provide a PR with the needed changes.

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