Firewall Port 8083 limit to public hostname


I want to restrict HestiaCP logins to only allow people with this remote hostname. Is there a way to do that?

My IP address DOES change, and I DO have CGNAT connection (I think that is the term when a hundred people share the same IPv4).

I’d just like to WHITELIST this address more than anything, not ONLY ALLOW this remote hostname.

BTW, I REALLY like the new ipset feature. You guys rock, that has reduced my count of banned IP addresses by about 90%.

As far as I know, hestiaCP uses iptables and iptables bans IPs and not hostnames so when your IP changes it won’t update.

You will have to find a way to update the IP. Maybe a cron script.

You could also connect via proxy and allow that proxy’s IP

thanks very much. nginx is already installed, the most successful proxy anywhere right?

or are you talking, like a seperate squid server proxy? lol, I’d consider it. I need some sort of web-application-firewall AFTER I start getting a few new clients.

Ref: Disable direct ip access to port 8083

Probally the easiest method is to use a VPN and white the the VPN ip…