Forced 1.2 update and overwriting of PHP-FPM template files

Having to firefight problems on 4 servers this morning because of an automatic update to 1.2 that was rolled out in the night overwriting all template files at /usr/hestia/data/local/templates/web/php-fpm/* that were then applied to all my domains.

I had manually customised these templates with open_basedir settings which were overwritten and brought down a whole lot of sites. Some questions if anyone could help please…

  • Why did hestia auto update? How to prevent?
  • Now I’ve modified templates back - how can I roll the reverted open_basedir templates out to all sites without manually changing the template to another and then back at the domain
  • Why have these templates been modified by a version update? How should I be modifying open_basedir settings to prevent them being overwritten?


Auto Update is enabled by default, you can disable it under Settings -> Updates -> Automatic Updates on/off

You will also be informed after the installation of hestia is finished:

Please follow the best practice and do not edit the default templates, please copy them as you can find in our docs:

Just as last word: If you follow the template best practice, there would not be need to disable autoupdate.