Global question how to remove port 8083 from the control panel

Recently we were forced to move to a clean ubuntu 22.04 and oh cheers we were able to get phpmyadmin single sign-on in hestia, but ran into such a problem that all the options you suggested to hide port 8083 do not work with exact phpmyadmin single sign-on. Can you suggest a working solution? we need to completely hide the control panel from the port, and make it available only at and so that the single sign-on to phpmyadmin is also preserved, is this possible?

if there are no solutions, then how to close all sites sized on the server ip from the control panel? so that it works only for and at the same time single sign-on saves its work in phpmyadmin

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no, this solution leads to the fact that links to phpmyadmin and postgress give a 404 error. we did it according to your instructions, that’s why we ask for an actual solution)

Updated versions should include:

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thanks it works. The question is how to close the panel from everyone now?, I have a lot of different domains and I don’t want, for example, to show the panel, only strictly on

Close port 8083


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