Hestia 1.5.2 - Roundcube Imap error connection

Fresh hestia installation.

When i try acces mail account in roundcube says Imap Error Connection.

I see the logs and says password incorrect.


A mi tambien me pasa esto, alguien sabe que ocurre?

Yo lo he instalado 3 veces y siempre ocurre.

English only please.

This happens to me too, does anyone know what happens?
I have installed it 3 times and it always happens.

To less informations, no possibility to help.

If it states “password wrong”, probaly the password is wrong? Create a new test account and check if you can login, try to login with a common mail client - just two out of xx possible test cases.

If I connect through a mail manager, if it works correctly.

But for roundcube (webmail.domain.tp) it gives me that error.

I have created new accounts, tested in different domains and servers with the same characteristics (debian 11 + hestia + nginx) and always with problems.

anything in dovecot log?

In Roundcube it does not say anything about bugs.

In Dovecot it indicates: auth: Info: missing passwd file: /etc/exim4/domains//passwd

It is missing the domainname:

It should be /etc/exim4/domains/$domain/passwd where $domain = your domain

Correct, which file should be modified?

There should be no need, are you entering the whole email address for auth?

also Info should not be caps for the first letter…

Yes, I am inserting all the info, and in the server that I had previously it worked for me. A friend who has the same configuration, but I installed it a few months ago (4 months) if it works without problem. I think it is something that is in the last update of the Hestia installation.

This looks like spammers that are trying to attack your server…

I don’t think so, it happened to me in 4 different installations, with different IPs and different domains.

My friend this error are happening in a two fresh installations from hestia… we just try from another hestia installations that are working fine in version 1.5.2 too , copy all files from dovecot, roundcube and exim…

The thing is mail works fine when you try acces to roundcube says imap error :upside_down_face:

We looks all files and aparently is the same idem

Check the logs: I am no able to login in to your server ( And I don’t want it). But I have no idea what and I am able to start

Provide more information with the logs and so on. Because this issues is not going to solve by reinstalling if it failed 2x…

In Dovecot it mean nothing it is a very common error when hackers try to access it.

Unless you want to solve prepare to put some effort in or willing to pay us… Because asking for something with out putting the effort and provide use with enough information will not work…

Sorry, you don’t have a way to install Debian11 + Nginx? Apache I have not installed it.

So you can test it, I have done several installations and it is the same in all of them.

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What LOG do you want me to send you?

Since I don’t know which ones you need.

This is the installation I do on Debian 11: bash hst-install.sh -a no -w yes -o yes -v yes -j no -k yes -m yes -g no -x yes -z yes -c yes -t yes -i yes -b yes -q yes -d yes -l es -y yes -s srv.dnsdomail.com.es -e [email protected] -p 12345678