Hestia CP No Access


I am sure this has been beaten to death recently, BUT, here I am…
A few weeks ago I lost access to the hestia control panel. Website was still up, but no way to get to the CP.
Tried the fix from this post (below) found on the hestiacp forum but although the commands were successful, no luck in accessing the cp.

So I had to spin up a brand new Ubuntu EC2 instance and reinstall hestiaCP. But STILL, no luck accessing the control panel.

FQDN is mail.*****.org
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

I really need some advice. Thank you for your help.

Did you allow access in AWS control pannel to port 8083?

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not enough information.

best guess: you need to open port 8083 in aws firewall/security policy :man_shrugging:

PS: please do not post your domain-name or IP here, we will ask if needed.

Hello, thank you for the quick response.
Yes, I did allow access to port 8083 in my aws security policy so that didn’t end up being the problem.

BUT that did spark a thought which resulted in the fix in my case. My ISP changed my IP which i was using for HestiaCP and FTP.

THANK YOU! - your suggestion sparked a light-bulb moment.
Have a great rest of the day.