Hestia CP SSL Error

My Hestia Control Panel not renewing ssl certificate. I am not using cloudflare or anything. Templates are default and never touched. Even i have tried running command manually but i get this error on all domains.

Error: Let’s Encrypt validation status 400 (domain). Details: Unable to update challenge :: authorization must be pending

I have searched the forum for solution but non of those worked for me. If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you

My websites are down due to SSL issue please tell me how i can get it fixed? I have even reinstalled hestiacp but nothing changed.


I have checked everything already i am not using CF. No IPV6. never touched Templates.

Did you check the log file listed in the same document?

Yes i have tried but there are no logs for that domain. Now my 2 more domains are about to go down as they have only 1 day left for ssl renewal but nothing is working.

Please check the docs:

And mainly the log files.

I can’t debug from here.

This website might also provide some insight

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I fixed my issue by reinstalling the whole server.